Weekly Newsletter #22: Beg, Borrow (but never) Steal

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Sleigh Bells Ring… Are you listening?

Last week’s newsletter was a juicy one!

I hope the Festive Season Dressing tips helped ease any panic you were feeling about upcoming events.

Over the past couple of weeks, I have been a little magpie hard at work curating a sparkly Holiday Dressing Catalogue. This one is for those of you who hold Oscar Wilde’s belief that you “can never be overdressed or overeducated”.

December is an opportunity to celebrate all you’ve achieved this past year (even if that was just survival) and to acknowledge the amazing, powerful woman you are.

Personal style is about so much more than clothes. It allows you to present yourself to the world on your terms. Getting dressed in an outfit you love is one empowering thing you can do for yourself in a day to celebrate who you are.

Step into your confidence by putting on an outfit this Festive season that makes you feel the way you want to feel. The dressier the better.

I’ll be opting for bold, beautiful and sparkly! x

Style Principle #21: Beg, Borrow (but never), Steal

A sustainable style principle for you this week as you navigate the silly season fashion fun.

The way we are bombard with “New Drops” and “New In This Week” emails and social media posts, it is no surprise that we feel the pressure to wear something new for events we have coming up.

Rather than heading to the mall and frantically trying to find something to wear that you may never wear again, have you considered borrowing?

By “borrowing” we mean renting a dress or suit from an online rental platform or local dress hire store or diving into your bestie’s wardrobe and wearing a piece you admire.

Alemais Seeker Sundress via The Volte; Oroton Contrast 3D Flower Skirt via Rntr; Kate Ford Caracus Cut out Gown via Plus One

Some amazing Australian rental platforms are Glamcorner, The Volte, Rntr, and, for expecting mothers to be, Plus One.

For our UK and South African readers, we have it on good authority that By Rotation, Rites, My Wardrobe HQ or Hurr (UK) and Style Rotate or On Rotate (SA) are sites to try.

In addition to the environmental positives, borrowing allows you to play with your style by trying something different. When you use a rental site, you can wear a piece from a high-end brand, without the hefty price tag, and indulge in the quality of a beautifully made garment, without feeling guilty that you may never wear it again.

Trading clothes with your friends or sister is a time honoured tradition and shouldn’t be forgotten as we move out of our teens. When we’re older, we have better wardrobes and are much more trustworthy.

We are frequent renters and found that wearing high quality pieces curbed our spending habits and helped us stay on course for our “quality not quantity” clothing mission. It also allowed us to have a little fun with our fashion choices.

Be bold this festive season and borrow something you wouldn’t buy as a forever piece, but would love to wear for just one night.

A social event is an opportunity to lean into the person you want to be and wear the clothes that celebrate who you are. The confidence that comes from leaning into your personal style is immeasurable.

If you’re filled with dread about getting dressed for the festive season, book a free 30 minute call to chat about your challenges.

Does your wardrobe allow you to dress the way you want to feel?

At Aura, we will empower you will the tools you need to unlock YOUR ideal style. We take the guesswork and hassle out of dressing, and make sure your wardrobe allows you to be your best dressed self.

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Climb into the mind of the sharp, brilliant Tina Brown.

An absolute powerhouse, Brown arrived in New York in 1983 with the hope of saving Condé Nast’s troubled Vanity Fair.

And, boy, did she deliver on that promise!

Filled with advice, heartfelt and honest reflections on navigating motherhood, becoming the editor of a flailing editorial and being a business woman in 80s New York, The Vanity Fair Diaries is a brilliant, juicy read.

#1 WE’RE LISTENING TO - Henry St by The Tallest Man on Earth

The Tallest Man on Earth played a gig at The Metro (Sydney) this past Wednesday to promote his new album, Henry Street.

Kristian Matsson did not disappoint and neither does Henry Street.

His guitar skills across the acoustic and electric guitar (and even the banjo!) are awe-inspiring. His husky voice, which hits every single note to perfection, and abundant love for his craft means his shows and albums are a true delight.

This was our second time seeing him live and we are stoked we braved going out on a school night to watch pure talent. Enjoy the album!

#3 WE’RE WATCHING - Spirited

A hilarious, modern and musical take on Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol.

Ryan Reynolds, Will Ferrell and Octavia Spencer out do themselves in this heart warming, witty and, down right, fabulous Christmas movie.

Think Deadpool humour, meets the Muppets Christmas Carol storyline with a much more modern twist.

Spirited pokes fun at all Christmas movies, whilst simultaneously celebrating all there is to love about them.

You deserve to feel like your best (dressed) self when stepping out to an event. 

With our Occassion Styling service, we will work with you to put together an outfit that reflects your identity and unique style so that you look and feel incredible.

This service includes: 

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  3. 2 hour personal shopping experience. 

INVESTMENT: $250 (incl GST) - $420 (incl. GST)

We can’t wait to work with you!


Much like personal style, bold means something different to everyone.

If you’re a neutral lover, bold may mean wearing a pop of colour.

Perhaps you mainly wear block colours. Why not reach for that printed piece that’s begging to be worn?

Better yet, throw on a sparkly number and shimmer your way through the weekend.

Have some fun with this week’s prompt! It is silly season after all.

Share your looks with us by replying to this email or tagging us on Instagram.

If you’re feeling a little uninspired by your wardrobe, get in touch! We can help.


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