Weekly Newsletter #21: Festive Season Dressing without the Panic

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Silly Season is Here!

I love December! It’s an opportunity to get dressed up in something sparkly, celebrate the year gone by with your loved ones, break out the champers, eat Ferrero Rochers… the list goes on.

There is a magic in the air, if you allow yourself to feel it.

Whilst I relish in the opportunity to get dressed up for every occasion, I know that this isn’t the case for many women.

Several clients have shared with me that they have decided not to go to an event, because they couldn’t find something to wear.

With this in mind, I wanted to share some tips with you to ease any overwhelm you may have around getting dressed this time of year.

If you don’t want to plan your outfits alone, I am here to help with Aura’s Occassion Styling service. It’s a guaranteed way to make sure you feel like your best dressed self this event season x

Style Principle #20: Festive Season Dressing

Oh the festive season is upon us! That means End of Year functions, Friendsmas dinners, Christmas lunches and many other festive affairs.

These upcoming events can fill many of us with dread over what to wear.

Below are 6 tips to ensure that opening your cupboard doesn’t feel like entering a house of horrors, but rather a gorgeous boutique filled with items that were made especially for you.

  1. Plan Ahead:

    There is a particular panic associated with rushing in from a day at work, with one hour to get ready, and no idea what to reach for.

    Planning your outfits ahead of time will reduce stress and overwhelm on the day.

    Set some time aside to scroll through your cameral roll, memory bank or Pinterest to prepare your outfits. There may be an event that springs to mind where you felt fabulous. Think about the outfit combination you were wearing and re-create that look with similar pieces you own.

    Better yet, take an hour or two to look through your wardrobe and remind yourself of your dressy pieces. From there, you can use Pinterest, Instagram or TikTok, to look for style inspiration. This is the perfect time to put last week’s Style Principle into practice.

  2. Accessorise:

    Changing out your accessories will create a whole new look. Rather than pairing your red dress with black heels, try colour blocking with a pink pair instead. A statement earring can make an outfit feel brand new and can wearing your hair in a slicked bun or high pony rather than loose curls. Rather than trying to think of a whole new look for every event, think of different ways to style your favourite dress or suit. Why not try dressing down a dressier piece for a look that is both casual and festive?

  3. Little Black Dress:

    The little black dress has been a wardrobe staple for centuries. If black isn’t your colour, try navy or white. These colours provide the perfect base from which to workshop a myriad of looks. Try a pop of colour with a brightly coloured handbag and/or shoes for one event (avoid pastel if you are opting for black, it dulls the colour) and an all black ensemble with black shoes and handbag with gold or silver detailing. Finish this second look with bold gold or silver jewellery and a red lip. Better yet, save the red lip for your next look with nude heels. That’s three looks with one dress. If dresses aren’t your go to, apply these style tips to a suit.

  4. Outfit Repeat:

    There is nothing wrong with outfit repeating. If you love an outfit, wear it again, especially in those moments when you feel the panic set in. In fact, as soon as you feel the panic set in, stop, take a breath, and reach for that tried and tested outfit combination. You don’t need to re-invent the wheel for every event. You need to wear an outfit that makes you feel most like you. Relying on your favourite outfit when you are nervous will bring you back to you and allow you to feel like your true, fabulous self.

  5. Do not shop in a panic:

    The worst thing you can do for your self-esteem and bank account is shop in a panic. This is where planning ahead is key. If you’ve had a look through your wardrobe and decided you’re either missing a dressy piece that suits your personal style or you need accessories to bring your look together, make a list of what you’re looking for and shop with purpose. When heading in store, know which stores you want to visit. When shopping online, filter for the items, colour and styles you are looking for.

  6. Stay True to your Personal Style:

    When you’re getting dressed for an event, wear something that reflects your personal style. We feel panic when we try to dress in a way that doesn’t reflect who we are. Getting bogged down by what other people are going to wear and comparing ourselves to them (or worrying about what other people think), is only going to exacerbate any fashion fears you may be having. If everyone is wearing a dress but you prefer trousers - wear trousers. Think back to your Style Uniform - that tried and tested outfit combination that makes you feel most like you. Recreate this by swapping a casual piece for a dressy piece (E.g. sneakers for loafers or heels. A singlet for a silk cami). When you’re feeling nervous or you’re out of time, use your Style Uniform to your advantage.

A social event is an opportunity to lean into the person you want to be and wear the clothes that celebrate who you are. The confidence that comes from leaning into your personal style is immeasurable.

If you’re filled with dread about getting dressed for the festive season, book a free 30 minute call to chat about your challenges.

Does your wardrobe allow you to dress the way you want to feel or does it suffocate your style?

At Aura, we will empower you will the tools you need to unlock YOUR ideal style. We take the guesswork and hassle out of dressing, and make sure your wardrobe allows you to be your best dressed self.

View our Personal Styling Packages here OR email [email protected] to chat about your style goals and how we can help.



#1 WE’RE READING - Fearless by Trinny Woodall

Fearless is a manual on how to be fearless in your identity, life, beauty and style.

Providing knowledge and advice from her expansive and extremely successful career and life, Trinny’s book Fearless is a helpful read, encouraging readers “to move forward and feel empowered at every stage of their lives”.

A juicy podcast episode with the founders of Cloth & Co, an Australia mother, daughter duo.

Melissa, Daisy and Caroline discuss what it really means when a new t-shirt only costs $5, the journey your clothes take before they become a part of your closet and the environmental and ethical impact of fast fashion.

Delving into detail on topics that are close to our heart, we really enjoyed this episode. We hope you enjoy it too!

#3 WE’RE WATCHING - The Way We Wore on ABC

We loved, adored and devoured The Way We Wore - an ABC documentary hosted by the inimitable Celeste Barber.

The three part docu-series looks into Australian Fashion history. It takes a deep dive into the mistakes the industry has made, the power fashion has over us, the many ways the industry has made us feel we aren’t good enough for our clothes and how the industry has evolved.

We’ve already watched it twice AND it’s FREE. So thank you to ABC for the early Christmas present.

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