Weekly Newsletter #20: Play with Your Clothes

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Christmas is nearly here! If you’re thinking about what to ask for our Personal Styling Packages are a gift that keeps on giving!


What a glorious week it’s been, even if this tropical weather has me in a sweaty, then cold, then sweaty tail spin!

A very big thank you to the lovely subscribers who attended our Style Foundations Masterclass on Wednesday night.

I had such a wonderful time sharing how to determine your personal style, dress for your body and shop mindfully. I’m still buzzing!

If you weren’t able to join, I will be hosting another one in a few months. Keep a look out for that announcement!

I am constantly inspired by the woman I get to work with - whether through the Masterclass or Aura’s personal styling packages.

There is no better feeling than seeing a client own her style and step into her confidence, fully embracing the woman she wants to be. From the killer outfits a membership client has been putting together week in, week out, to a virtual styling client embracing print clashing and giving herself permission to break the rules that were holding her back - the inspiration is endless!

Are there any rules you are placing on yourself that are suffocating your style?

Give yourself permission to break them! x

Style Principle #19: Play with Your Clothes

This Style Principle is inspired by one of our membership clients who frequently sets aside an hour or two to workshop new looks with the pieces she owns in an attempt to curb her spending and wear the clothes she has. Her confidence and style has grown so much as a result.

Playing with your clothes is the perfect way to get more wear out of the items in your wardrobe.

As adults, we rarely get the chance to express our creativity. When we were little, we had the opportunity to draw and paint, and stretch the bounds of our imagination when we were bored and needed to entertain ourselves.

Your wardrobe is full of opportunity for creative expression.

Set aside a couple of hours to workshop shop some new outfits with pieces you haven’t reached for in awhile to get your creative juices flowing.

This will give you an opportunity to assess whether it’s worth holding on to certain items or perhaps time to move them on to reduce the clutter in your cupboard. Often, the quantity of your clothes prevents you from creating versatile, quality outfits.

Pinterest, Instagram and even characters on TV shows are amazing sources of inspiration for outfits. The key is focusing on the outfit combination, rather than the exact pieces (e.g. midi skirt + button up shirt + singlet + flats).

Reel (click to watch): My interpretation of a Country Road look.

Reel (click to watch): The Style Idealist recreating Kendall Jenner’s look.

On Pinterest, search for a particular item and then “pin” the images you love to a board to refer to later.

For example, if you want inspiration for styling a pair of tailored pants casually, search for “casual tailored pants outfit street style” and pin from there.

We have a “Wardrobe Edit” board with outfits we know we can recreate with our clothes and boards dedicated to specific items, like a white maxi skirt and leopard print pants.

Rather than settling in for a shopping scroll or rushing out to buy something new for an event, set that time aside to style your own clothes in fresh ways.

You’ll be taking steps to define your personal style and doing your bit to help curb fashion waste.

“The most sustainable item, is the one you already own”

Personal Style is about so much more than clothes.

The clothes we wear influence how we feel, and allow us to present ourselves to the world on our own terms. 

Does your wardrobe allow you to dress the way you want to feel or does it suffocate your style?

At Aura, we will empower you will the tools you need to unlock YOUR ideal style. We take the guesswork and hassle out of dressing, and make sure your wardrobe allows you to be your best dressed self.

View our Personal Styling Packages here OR email [email protected] to chat about your style goals and how we can help.



We have been DYING to read Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow by Gabrielle Zevin and, so far, it has not disappointed!

Sam and Sadie’s childhood friendship started under unusual circumstances.

After 6 years of silence, Sam and Sadie’s paths cross at a train station as 20-somethings and their story starts again.

Bound together by smarts and a love of gaming, they create something life changing, but working with your best friend and navigating rivalry, fame and success is not easy.

A story of friendship, love, and betrayal, Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow is next to impossible to put down.

A five part pod-series by British Scandal about the most well-known, scarrilous punk rock band: The Sex Pistols.

This well researched and juicy podcast starts with Malcom McLaren, the mastermind behind the band, and Vivian Westwood, their stylist, (often) lyricist and clothes designer.

Thrown together to promote McLaren and Westwood’s infamous clothing store, Sex, the Sex Pistols went on to challenge the British establishment and became a “symbol of the UK’s social and political turmoil”.

Let us know if you give this a listen!

A brilliant two part docu-series exploring Brooke Shields’ journey from a young girl to embracing her voice and finding her confidence as a woman.

Exploring the deeply problematic ways in which young girls have been sexualised in the media and how women have to make themselves small so as not to rock the boat or been seen as a “threat”.

We particularly loved the conversations Brooke has with her daughters and her frank and honest reflections on her life so far.

This documentary is a telling analysis of the female experience across the 80s, 90s and early 2000s through the eyes of an icon.

Pretty Baby: Brooke Shields is streaming on Disney +.

With Christmas just a round the corner, why not ask for a gift with purpose?

Our Cleanse Package is the perfect way to get more wear out of the clothes you already own.

We work with your existing wardrobe to:

  1. show you how to style the clothes you already own; 

  2. clean out the items that no longer serve you, your lifestyle or style goals; and

  3. identify gaps in your wardrobe that need to be filled to create a wardrobe that makes getting dressed a fun, empowering and simple process. 

This is our favourite offering as so many of us have wardrobes filled with beautiful clothes just waiting to be worn.

We can’t wait to work with you!

A challenge for you this week - Dress Down a Smart Piece.

Versatility is one of our top style principles.

One way to achieve versatility in your wardrobe is by dressing down smarter pieces.

Pair your tailored trousers with a fitted or graphic t-shirt and chunky sandals for an off-duty look.

Dress down a sparkly dress by pairing it with sneakers.

A denim jacket, singlet and sandals are the perfect pieces to make a silk maxi skirt day time (or pub) appropriate.

Share your looks with us by replying to this email or tagging us on Instagram.

If you’re feeling a little uninspired by your wardrobe, get in touch! We can help.


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