Weekly Newsletter #8: How to Be Intentional plus our NEW Spring Package!

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Get your wardrobe Spring/Summer ready with our Spring Time Style package ($260 (incl GST)).

Running for September, the Spring Time Style package Includes:

1. 30 minute Style Consultation to discuss your style goals and determine your style categories;

2. 2 hour mix and match session where we shop your wardrobe, workshop outfits for the new season with the clothes you already own and get rid of those that no longer serve you; and

3. a Personalised Lookbook of the outfits we put together.

It’s the first day of Spring!

The days have certainly felt warmer, the mornings a little less chillier. I wore a white, linen, sleeveless dress yesterday and whipped my cardigan on and off more times than I can count, so it must be spring time! To say I am thrilled would be an understatement.

It is around this time that I like to do a stock take of my summer wardrobe. Time away from certain pieces gives me the space to consider whether these items align with my current personal style and lifestyle or whether it’s time to bid them adieu.

I’m not sure about you, but a lot can change in a season (or two).

This Autumn/Winter, I turned 31, left my job, launched Aura, became a Founder and Personal Stylist, social media marketer (lol), bookkeeper, sales director and a “work-from-home” girlie.

My personal style and Spring Summer wardrobe needs to evolve to meet these lifestyle changes.

Before I get swept up in the barrage of “this new [insert “must have“ item of clothing here] is all you’ll need this summer”, I’m going to take stock of where my style is, where it needs to be and how the gorgeous clothes I have can be styled to meet these needs. If they can’t meet my style goals (or lifestyle), I’ll give myself permission to let them go.

If you want to unlock your personal style and get your wardrobe ready for the best season of the year, make sure to take advantage of our Spring Special x

Style Principle #8: Intentionality

Intentionality underpins effortless style and mindful shopping.

There are two ways to apply this style principle.

Firstly, when you are styling an outfit, be intentional about the items you pair together, the accessories you add and the shoes you wear, as the smallest details can make (or break) an outfit.

If you have chosen to add a pop of colour to a more neutral toned outfit, try nod to that colour by adding another accessory to your outfit in the same colour or tie the look together by matching your bag and belt in a more neutral tone.

The Neon Pink Birkenstocks nod to the neon pink beads in her necklace. She has group the silver tones of her cardigan and handbag together sandwiching the silver tones between white jeans and a white cap.

The all tan accessories help to round off the outfit. White or red shoes would have worked just as well if paired with the tan belt and bag.

When styling a patterned piece, try matching the remaining items in your outfit with colours that appear in the print.

The yellow sneakers and black skirt match her yellow and black leopard print bomber jacket.

Her shoes mimic on the caramel tones and black stripe in the tiger stripe jacket.

The metallic purple sneakers pair perfectly with the purple stripe in her jumper and the green of her coat with the alternative green stripe.

Secondly, shopping. We are aren’t going to beat around the bush with this one!

Being intentional about your purchases will ensure that you create a hardworking wardrobe, filled with pieces you love that align with your personal style.

When you shop to be on-trend or because you admire how an item looks on someone else, without giving any thought as to how you can style that item with other pieces you own or whether it suits your lifestyle or body shape - you aren’t being intentional. You’ll end up with an overflowing wardrobe and pieces in your cupboard that have been worn once (or never worn) and which don’t spark joy.

To shop with intention -

  1. Shop for a specific item/s. No window shopping. It’s too tempting! For example, we identified that we were missing a smarter black flat in our wardrobe. We thought about which style shoe would work across our entire wardrobe, set a budget and narrowed it down before purchasing;

  2. ask yourself the following questions before purchasing an item:

    1. will this work for my body?

    2. does this align with my personal style?

    3. can I style this at least 5 ways with items I already own?

    4. does this suit my lifestyle?

    5. do I really want this or am I a victim of really good marketing?

We are being bombarded with marketing and sales emails constantly (They don’t refer to us as “consumers” for nothing!). We need to give ourselves some tough love, especially when it comes to shopping, to ensure that we are building wardrobes that reflect our personal style and help us get dressed with ease and confidence.

If you need help determining your personal style, please reach out. We’d love to help. Book a free 15 minute call with here and let’s chat.



#1 WE’RE READING - Alexander McQueen: Blood Beneath the Skin by Andrew Wilson

Through extensive research and impeccable writing, Wilson tells the life story of the talented, dark and complex fashion designer, Alexander McQueen.

This biography felt more like a thriller than a life story. There is an eerie sadness to the novel. Perhaps this is because of McQueen’s tragic death.

Blood Beneath the Skin explores themes of abuse, trauma, creative genius and fashion’s hedonistic, insatiable and often cruel culture.

We learnt a lot about the misunderstood and, often, harshly treated Lee McQueen, a boy from an East London Council flat who built a multi-million dollar fashion empire.

#1 WE’RE LISTENING TO - Mastering Mindset: Unveiling Life’s Art with Mindset Coach Ben Crowe on Straight Talk with Mark Boursis

Shout out to Scott Rutherford (hi husband!) who shared this podcast episode that blew our minds. Ben Crowe is a mindset couch to some of the world’s most successful athletes (Ash Barty, Steph Gilmore, and Dylan Alcott). He shares so many golden nuggets throughout this episode on how to regain the art of living and control our anxieties. We had to pause it numerous times to let what he said sink in. It’s a direct, no holds barred conversation that we will return to again and again. We hope you enjoy it!

#3 WE’RE WATCHING - The Bold Type on Stan

The Bold Type is a fun, girly, feminist series that details the lives of Jane, Kat and Sutton, who work for 'Scarlet', a global women's magazine based in New York City.

Think gossip girl, meet Devil Wears Prada, meets Younger.

Over on the blog we’re breaking down 3 principles to apply when styling a print clash.

Much like coriander, people either love or hate a print clash.

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Print clashing is an art. Although, it is more paint by numbers than abstract impressionism.

Here are 3 foundational principles to apply when creating the perfect print clash…

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