Weekly Newsletter #26: The 5 Ways Rule

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Hello, Hello!

It’s Friday! Where has the week gone?!

I had a catch-up with a membership client this week to determine her style goals for the year, and how I can be of service to ensure she gets the most of her subscription.

It is always a joy to connect with clients, chat about their style and learn what they take away from our sessions. Receiving feedback is an important avenue for growth.

Jackie takes the most away from our style consultations as it gets her thinking critically about her style, wardrobe and purchases and inspires her creativity.

Jackie workshops looks once a week in the two hours she has to herself when her daughter is at day care and before she heads to work. She’ll share these with me and we unpack what works and what does’t. I love this! It’s helped her curb her shopping, get more wear out of her clothes and be ruthless about new purchases she permits into her, now fabulous, wardrobe.

I’m often inspired by the women I work with. Jackie inspired me to play with my clothes and create some new outfits that align with the current season of my life. I now have a handy back catalogue of “looks” I can throw for my day to day and future events. Special shout out to you lovely Jackie!

If you want to chat all things personal style, reach out. I can chat about the power of style and clothes until the cows come home! x

Style Principle #25: The 5 Ways Rule

The 5 Ways Rule is an Aura favourite.

Before you purchase an item, be it a shirt, trousers, shoes or a dress, can you think of 5 different ways to style it with pieces you already own?

If you can think of 5 different outfits, the piece is versatile and will add value to your wardrobe because it will have a low cost per wear.

If you can’t get to 5, you won’t reach for it. It will hang in your cupboard taking up valuable space, taunting you with its high cost per wear and a low return on investment.

Styling a piece includes wearing it with different items, swapping out your shoes and accessories, tucking, layering, and playing with lengths. This could mean:

  • wearing a shoe or bag that picks up on the colours in a dress (or set);

  • layering a tee under or over a slip dress;

  • colour-blocking one colourful piece with another colourful piece; or

  • wearing a shirt dress open and layered over a singlet and jeans.

Following this rule ensures that any pieces you are adding to your closet are versatile i.e they fit seamlessly into your wardrobe because they can be styled in several ways with your current wardrobe items. You must be able to wear a potentially new top or pair of shoes with more than one pair of trousers and vice versa.

It also ensures that you are thinking critically about your purchases. New pieces should suit your current lifestyle, body and shouldn’t resemble something you already own: A key factor in building a wardrobe you love that allows you to get dressed with ease and confidence.

Personal style is about so much more than clothes. Getting dressed is an opportunity to present who you are and who you want to be to the world. The confidence that comes from leaning into your personal style is immeasurable.

If you’re feeling disheartened with your wardrobe and style, view our Personal Styling Packages or book a free 15 minute call and let’s chat about your challenges and how we can help.



Good Material is Alderton’s second fictional novel and she has really found her stride.

Andy is struggling to understand the seemingly inexplicable breakdown of his relationship with the only woman he’s ever loved.

At 35, waiting for his big break as a stand-up comedian and living out of a suitcase in his best friend’s spare room, Andy has a lot to unpack (Not literally. All his possessions can fit in a very small storage locker).

A novel about self-discovery, perspectives and the pain of growing up, Alderton has crafted a funny, wise and cringingly relatable novel.

A fascinating discussion about sleep between Pandora Sykes and Oxford University neuroscientist and world leading expert on circadian rhythm, Russel Foster.

This podcast ep is filled with helpful advice on what does and doesn’t work when it comes to sleep and some fascinating myth busters.

#3 WE’RE WATCHING - Boy Swallows Universe on Netflix

One of our favourite novels, Boy Swallows Universe by Trent Dalton, has been turned into a Netflix series and it does not disappoint!

Boy Swallows Universe is a semi-autobiographical crime drama about the power of love, hope and sheer determination.

Eli Bell has an… interesting childhood. His best friend is an elderly, convicted fellon. His stepdad is a drug dealer. His dad is an agoraphobic who he hasn’t seen in years.

At least he has his older brother, August, who is wise beyond his years or (my favourite line from the book), “one year older than me, but August is one year older than everybody. August is one year older than the universe.

With an all Australian cast, it’s a brilliantly executed, limited series perfect for a weekend binge.

A wardrobe full of clothes with nothing to wear? We've all been there. Aura's Cleansed package works with your existing wardrobe to: 

  1. show you how to style the clothes you already own; 

  2. clean out the items that no longer serve you, your lifestyle or style goals; and

  3. identify gaps in your wardrobe that need to be filled to create a wardrobe that makes getting dressed a fun, empowering and simple process. 

Determining your personal style has a great return on investment. You’ll wear more of what you own, shop less and reduce those waisted purchases. Most importantly, you’ll feel confident, powerful and be able to get dressed with ease and confidence no matter the occasion.


More than three inspo images this week because there is a plethora of denim items you can wear for this weeks prompt.

Dress up your denim shorts by pairing them with a a blazer and pointed kitten heels or ballet flats.

Spice things up by wearing a denim maxi or midi skirt.

Push your style boundaries with a double denim ensemble or throw on your favourite denim dress and lean into the 90s fashion resurgence that has the fashion world in a chokehold.

Share your looks with us by replying to this email or tagging us on Instagram.

Feeling a little uninspired by your wardrobe? Reach out! We can help.


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