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Weekly Newsletter #24: Packing Tips for your Summer Holiday PLUS Gift Cards are LIVE!

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Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas!

Our last newsletter for 2023 coming to you live for Western Australia! Time really does fly when you’re having fun.

I launched Aura in June this year. It has been the most rewarding 6 months of my professional life and required me to don many hats.

Personal Stylist, website developer, writer, content creator, accountant, editor, videographer, graphic designer, sales person, student, teacher, networker and hype girl.

Without a doubt, the most rewarding of all the roles I’ve taken on is that of Personal Stylist. Having the privilege of empowering 12 women across two states and two continents through our personal styling packages this past year and writing to 106 of you each week is something I am incredibly grateful for.

Seeing women step into their confidence by taking ownership of their personal style brings me so much joy and is truly inspirational.

I have taken time to reflect on my wins this past year.

Whilst our worth is not measured by our achievements or our appearance, taking a moment to reflect on what we have achieved is important.

It is so easy to compare ourselves to others and feel like we fall short. The minute we compare ourselves to others, self-doubt creeps in.

Leaning on my personal style is one way I combat self doubt. Getting dressed in an outfit that feels most like me reminds me of who I am and what my purpose is: empowering women with the tools they need to get dressed with ease and confidence.

Thank you for being a vital part of mine and Aura’s journey. Your support as clients and subscribers means the world to me!

I’ll be back in your inboxes on 12 January 2024.

2024 is going to be jam packed with juicy newsletters, virtual masterclasses, special offers and, hopefully, a few discount codes for brands we love.

Until then, celebrate your wins and stay stylish friends! x

Style Principle #23: Holiday Packing Tips

Everyone loves a holiday. The same cannot always be said about packing for a holiday.

Here are a few packing tips and tricks to help ease the overwhelm and prevent you from overpacking:

1. Choose a colour palette: pick a statement colour and build your pieces around that. For example, this could be chocolate brown, plum and white, like my packing for a long weekend in Noosa. A colour palette ensures all your pieces can be worn together and will tie in with your shoes and handbag choice.

2. Make sure your items mix and match: Versatility is key when you’re packing for a trip away. Can you wear all (or most) of your tops with your bottoms? Rather than packing one new outfit for each day, look at how you can pair all of your pieces together. If you have a particular statement piece that you want to pack, pack the remaining pieces around this item to make sure it can be worn in more ways than one. Sets are great for versatility. The pieces can be worn together, separately (shirt with denim shorts, jeans or a skirt and bottoms with a basic tee, singlet or dressier top if you need) or you can layer the matching shirt over a singlet or tee and pair with the matching shorts.

3. Don’t forget your basics: good basics are vital. For a summer holiday, that’s a white and black singlet/tank top and a black and white t-shirt. Whether you need black and white will depend on your colour palette, potential plans and preference. Black always feels smarter so it’s a good night time option if you think you’ll want or need to dress up or you don’t want to worry about marks. For winter, this applies to a long sleeve top or roll neck (generally, white, cream or beige and a black as a dressier option).

4. Think realistically about your activities: Packing with your activities in mind will keep you focused and ensure your clothes are well suited to your trip. If you’re off camping, you’ll need clothes and shoes you don’t mind getting dirty and shoes which can be slipped on and off easily. If you’re exploring cities, you’ll need comfortable sneakers, and, potentially, a dressier pair of shoes for your night time jaunts or fancier day time activities. You want to feel slightly elevated in a city or at a boutique beach hotel. You want to feel comfortable when you’re camping. Pack accordingly.

1. For the Airport; 2. For the Beach; 3. For a Christmas Lunch

5. Opt for neutral shoes and bags: Unless you’re going to fashion week, you do not need to pack 5 handbags and 10 pairs of shoes for a 2 week vacay. My teenage self is currently sulking in a corner. Choose one or two pairs of shoes that will pair back beautifully with all your outfits i.e. tan, rattan, nude, taupe, metallic or black. Which colour you choose will depend on your chosen colour palette. Whether you need a dressier option will depend on your activities. You can choose your colour palette based on the shoes you want to pack if you have a particularly special pair in mind. Add in other practical shoes, like trainers, if you plan on working out. I currently have 3 pairs of shoes for an 8 day trip to Perth. Trainers for exercise, smarter sandals for lunches and dinners and my crocs for camping.

6. Be realistic: don’t fall into the trap of thinking you’re going to become a totally different woman on holiday. If you’re not a heels girl in your everyday life, you aren’t going to be one on holiday. The same principle applies to dresses, skirts or printed pieces. Don’t dig into the back of your cupboard and pack a piece you haven’t worn in months. You’ll arrive at your destination and think, “what the fuck was I thinking?”.

7. A pair of jeans is always a good idea: a midwash jean means you can wear the jeans day or night. Darker wash jeans (like a dark indigo or black) are perfect for dressing up at night or for colder climates. I’ll generally pack a light and dark wash jean for holidays of 2 weeks or more. Less than that – one pair will do and will help with versatility (see point 2).

8. Never underestimate the transformative power of accessories: when I went travelling for 3 months, I had to pack light. I relied on a few pairs of statement earrings to transform my looks when I needed. Jewellery is easier to pack and much lighter to carry. Sunglasses will always add polish. I usually take two pairs with me on a summer vacay.

Packing with purpose will make sure you have a suitcase full of outfit options that you don’t struggle to lug through the airport and which will make you feel like your best dressed holiday self.

Getting dressed is an opportunity to present who you are and who you want to be to the world. The confidence that comes from leaning into your personal style is immeasurable.

If you’re filled with dread about getting dressed, book a free 15 minute call to chat about your challenges.

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We gained valuable insights into what life was like in occupied France during World War II and the lengths people had to go to to survive the German occupation. The Nightingale is a brilliant read.  

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Getting clear on your Personal Style is the gift that keeps on giving!


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Life is too short to miss out on swimming with your children, enjoying the hotel pool or tanning your buns with your friends on the beach.

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