Weekly Newsletter #23: Feel the Fear and Wear it Anyway

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Hello Dear Readers!

How did you go with last week’s style prompt? It wasn’t an easy one, a little cryptic perhaps.

I embraced it and wore a sparkly, sequin skirt with some gold platform sandals to my husband’s Christmas party.

The skirt was tighter than I would usually go for (the phrase “figure hugging” comes to mind) and, as this is my very own honest box, the whole look pushed me out of my comfort zone.

I was nervous about the outfit - who did I think I was wearing a skin tight sparkly skirt and huge, diamanté hoops? With little time to rethink my outfit, I wore it anyway and within an hour or so, I was really happy that I leant into my fear and wore it anyway.

Women - especially ones who came of age in the 90s and early 00s - are incredibly hard on themselves and their bodies. This fact is confirmed with every client I work with and help in store. We are trapped by subconscious rules that were forced upon us by tabloids that circled cellulite on celebrities thighs and made women feel like they should disappear once they turned 30 or gain a wrinkle.

If you’ve ever heard yourself say, “oh, I need to loose weight before I can wear that” or “I’m not showing my arms. I’m 45!”, reflect on why you have that belief. Do you really believe that or is this internalised from the horrible media coverage we were exposed to?

Wear the backless dress. Show your arms.

You are as young as you will ever be and you deserve to be seen! x

Style Principle #22: Feel the Fear and Wear it Anyway

Inspired by last week’s Style Prompt to Wear Something Bold, we present our favourite style principle: feel your fear and wear it anyway.

Trying something new can be scary. Our brains will push doubtful thoughts to the forefront of our minds, “What will people think? Do I look silly? I look silly. This is too much.”

We are our harshest critics.

There is a vulnerability in exploring your personal style and pushing your style boundaries. It takes courage to break out of the boxes that you (or those closest to you) have put yourself in.

When you feel vulnerable, you will also feel fearful. Fear is an emotion that allows you to protect yourself, but it can hold you back.

When you are vulnerable and do the thing that makes you fearful, like wearing something you’ve always wanted to try but felt you “shouldn’t”, you end up learning so much about yourself and, slowly but surely, you will build your confidence.

Sophie is one of our stylish newsy subscribers. This is her take on the Wear Something Bold and Wear A Skirt style Prompts. We’ve included the skirt because a skirt is not an item Sophie usually reaches for which means this outfit ticked both boxes!

A common thread with all of our clients is that when they feel the fear but wear it anyway, they feel free to step into their personal style and are able to dress the way they want to feel, regardless of what others may think.

Owning your personal style allows and inspires others to do the same. Spread the magic.

Getting dressed is an opportunity to present who you are and who you want to be to the world. The confidence that comes from leaning into your personal style is immeasurable.

If you’re filled with dread about getting dressed, book a free 15 minute call to chat about your challenges.

Does your wardrobe allow you to dress the way you want to feel?

At Aura, we will empower you will the tools you need to unlock YOUR ideal style. We take the guesswork and hassle out of dressing, and make sure your wardrobe allows you to be your best dressed self.

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A sequel to Rachel’s Holiday, in Again, Rachel Rachel is no longer “a mess”. She’s sober. She adores her job and is very good at it. On all fronts, Life is good.

Until, her ex reappears and past emotions Rachel thought she had overcome come rushing back. Maybe Rachel isn’t unshakeable?

Keyes writes with an addictive clarity and flow. The characters in Again, Rachel are complicated, loveable, and unique. Despite there being several characters in this novel, you build a relationship with each of them.

With clues littered through the book as you navigate Rachel’s memory and life with her, Keyes has you hooked. We battled to put this down.

You don’t need to have read Rachel’s Holiday to feel the joy of the sequel, although we recommend giving that a read too!

#1 WE’RE LISTENING TO - The Twat Files by Dawn French

Ah Dawn French… she is a National Treasure (although she’ll tell you this herself, much to her dismay).

The Twat Files is a hilarious, light hearted book filled with all the times French has made a twat of herself.

Narrated by the author, we giggled our way through French’s most embarrassing moments and learnt some good lessons along the way.

#3 WE’RE WATCHING - Variety Studios: Actors on Actors

You may have seen a few viral snippets of Margot Robbie and Cilliian Murphy’s Variety Studios: Actors on Actors interview floating around social media this week.

Well, we took a deep dive into this series and have found a new love!

Actors on Actors is an interview series where two actors interview each other about their recent work, how they prepare for roles and perfect their craft and share their views on each others films.

Gain fascinating insights into your favourite films as true experts in their craft unpack how they approached their characters and worked with directors.

There is immense mutual admiration and respect between these professionals. It’s heartwarming to see.

When I met Julia, she was 6 months postpartum after giving birth to her second daughter.

Like many woman, Julia found herself pouring all her time and effort into new motherhood and her marriage and had lost her personal style along the way.

She wanted her wardrobe to reflect the powerful, stylish, feminine woman she is.

Julia had three clear outcomes:

  1. determine her style uniform to allow her to get dressed with ease;

  2. build a seamless wardrobe that suited her lifestyle; and

  3. feel feminine and cool again.

Julia’s confidence grew immensely after just the Wardrobe Edit session. By the end of our final Wardrobe Integration session (where we workshopped looks with her new purchases), Julia was positively glowing. It brought me so much joy to see her confidence build and be apart of her personal style journey.

Through our sessions, Julia was able to fill up her own cup and remind herself of the cool, feminine, surf-rock woman she is.

Julia completed our Empower Package. See some of her looks here.

INVESTMENT: $795 (incl GST)

You deserve to feel like your best dressed self. If Julia’s story resonates with you, please get in touch.

I can’t wait to work with you!


Red is a hot trend this season and it feels very “of the time” given the time of year.

For something understated, add a pop of red to your outfit with a red handbag, shoe or a bold red lip.

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We can’t wait to see your interpretations.

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