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22 November, 8PM (AEDT)

Learn how to determine your personal style; dress for your body; build a wardrobe that allows you to get dressed with ease and confidence; and so much more.

Cost: $35.00

Tickets are limited and on sale now!

Hello November!

November is such an exciting month for Aura as I prepare to host our first virtual masterclass.

I designed our Style Foundations Masterclass based on feedback from our newsletter subscribers, and Instagram community, which was two fold: you don’t feel great about your wardrobe, but you make do and money is too tight to engage a personal stylist.

What we wear can impact how we feel about ourselves. It is about so much more than the clothes themselves.

When you get dressed in the morning, you shouldn’t have to make do. You should feel inspired.

This Masterclass will empower you with the tools you need to determine your personal style, dress for your body, curate a wardrobe that sparks joy and so much more, at an accessible price point.

Whether you are at the start of your style journey, are dressing for a new body, or want to take your style to the next level - our Masterclass will help you get there.

My personal style journey gave me the confidence I needed to start living my life on my terms and build a career that I felt passionate about. It helped me work on my relationship with my body and removed the frustration and overwhelm I felt when I was trying to put looks together or going shopping.

I started Aura to share the knowledge with you so that you can achieve your style goals and be your best (dressed) self.

I believe this Masterclass is one way to help you get there! x

Style Principle #16: The Perfect Fit

Fit is KING when it comes to your clothes.

Finding the perfect fit can be difficult when we are buying from high street brands who make clothes to “standard” sizing (We use the term standard lightly because, let’s be honest, sizing discrepancies are bountiful). These standard sizes are based on average estimates across height and shape.

If you’re short, this translates to trousers being miles too long. If you’re tall, this can mean that you struggle to find trousers that aren’t too short. Like Goldilocks and her porridge, we may stumble upon a pair that fits “just right” in the waist, bottom and legs, but this doesn’t always happen.

The golden ticket to getting your clothes to fit you just right is finding a good tailor.

Some of you may have already tapped into this nifty trick or be blessed with sewing abilities to tweak, tailor and mend your own clothes. For those of you who don’t have a good tailor on speed dial, get onboard!

Most good dry cleaners can do simple tweaks like taking up a hem, letting it down, pinching a waistline in or adding darts to a blazer or dress to add shape.

Some summer outfit inspo for you!

Once you start investing in your clothes and appreciating quality over quantity, tailoring your items to fit just right and sending items to be mended if they have minor imperfections is a sustainable way to build a wardrobe filled with pieces you love. It also ensures your clothes longevity.

Rather than throwing away your favourite blouse because it has a hole, send it to the tailor to be mended.

If you find a pair of jeans that fit perfectly in the thighs and bottom, but are a little too loose at the waist, a tailor can take the waist in.

Perhaps you’ve tapped into the joy of pre-loved and the impeccable quality of vintage blazers. Have the sleeves shortened on your blazers so that you get the benefit of vintage tailoring at an affordable price point.

Unless we’re buying haute couture or made-to-measure (Who is in this economy?), we should be tailoring our clothes to fit our bodies perfectly so that we can feel fabulous, no matter the occasion. This way you get the benefit of quality fabrics and designs and the perfect fit.

If you’re on of our London subscribers be sure to check out SOJO. They’ll collect your clothes, tailor them and then deliver them back to you!

The clothes we wear dictate how we feel, and allow us to present ourselves to the world on our own terms. Getting dressed is a fundamental aspect of our day, yet most of us don’t know how to dress the way we want to feel.

We work closely with you to curate a wardrobe that suits your needs and preferences and unlocks YOUR ideal style. We help you take the guesswork and hassle out of dressing, and make sure you only buy clothes that you’ll actually wear. View our Personal Styling Packages here.

OR Email [email protected] to chat about your style goals and how we can help.



#1 WE’RE READING - Consumed by Aja Barber

Consumed exposes the truth about who really props up these billion dollar fast fashion brands - underprivileged women in the global west and south.

Barber calls for change to an industry “that regularly overreaches with abandon, creating real imbalances in the environment and the lives of those who do the work--often in unsafe conditions for very low pay--and the billionaires who receive the most profit.”

Broken into two parts, Consumed explores the history of mass produced fashion and how we can become citizens, rather than consumers.

If you aren’t familiar with Zadie Smith’s writing, you’re in for a treat. One of our favourite authors, we loved this open, frank discussion with Annie Mac about her new novel, The Fraud, and her biggest learnings in her 40s.

Every time we listen to Zadie Smith we have an “aha” moment. She’s utterly brilliant.

#3 WE’RE WATCHING - Ed Sheeran: The Sum of It All

A heartwarming and heartbreaking docu-series, initially intended to be about the making of Ed Sheeran’s 2023 album - Subtract. Instead, it explores grief, talent and love, in all its forms.

We came to this show with no expectations. We certainly aren’t Ed Sheeran stans rushing to consume content about him, but, after watching this, it’s hard not to love Ed Sheeran and admire is sheer talent and very big and beautiful heart.

In this one hour, virtual masterclass I'll teach you how to: 

  1. determine your personal style; 

  2. dress for your body;

  3. build a wardrobe that allows you to get dressed with ease and confidence no matter the occasion; and

  4. shop with confidence. 

I'll share plenty of other tips and tricks that you can use on your style journey.

You'll receive a handout to help you on your personal style journey AND there will be special offers and prizes up for grabs.  

The first 10 ticket holders will receive a free 30 minute consult to chat through their learnings from the Masterclass.

Sharing our Spring/Summer Trends Catalogue for your viewing (and/or) shopping pleasure!

These catalogues are shoppable and, where possible, we source from ethical, Australian brands.

Our intention at Aura is to encourage you to buy less, buy better or wear what you already own.

This week’s edit includes pieces from our Special Edition: Spring/Summer trends newsletter which you can read here ICYMT in August.

Let us know if there’s anything you’re on the hunt for for future edits!


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