Weekly Newsletter #14: Comfortably Pushing Your Style Boundaries

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Hey Hi Hello!

There are ten Fridays until Christmas. TEN! I can’t quite believe it.

The October mood can feel a little flat as we try to muster up the energy to get through the final quarter. I always feel the mood shift as November rolls round, the weather warms up and Christmas holidays are in sight.

If you’re feeling the October slump, I want to encourage you to use your personal style and wardrobe to your advantage.

When I was practising as a lawyer, there were days where just the thought of having to get through another day was exhausting. It was on those days that I dressed to impress. Not for my bosses. For me. I needed that external outfit to boost my internal mood because I wanted to feel like the passionate, ambitious and positive woman I knew I could be. Those outfits felt like little gifts to myself.

Dressing the way you want to feel can be a great help on those days where you feel like the holiday can’t come soon enough.

If you need help identifying how to do that, that’s what I’m here for. There aren’t many spots left for the year so get in quick!

Have a glorious weekend fashion friends x

Style Principle #13: Comfortably Pushing Your Style Boundaries

Pushing your style boundaries by trying something new takes courage and confidence.

It is an adjustment, especially for your brain, which likes patterns and consistency.

Like any muscle, when you use your brain in a new way - or introduce it to something new - you may be met with slight resistance. You simply need to give your brain a chance to catch up. To build its strength, if you will.

The best way to flex your fashion muscles (I promise that is the last of this metaphor) and try something new is by playing within your boundaries.

When you buy a new item that is a different style to what you usually wear, pair it with a fail-safe, favourite piece that you already own and feel comfortable in.

See, for example, the outfit progression below:

Comfortable, safe denim…

… to trend led cargos and bold colour blocking.

When styling this bold, striped shirt I was gifted, I started slow by choosing my well-worn and well-loved denim shorts. I progressed to my favourite jeans, a predictable, but always winning combination, followed by my adored denim maxi-skirt.

Once my brain caught up with seeing me in a glittery orange, green and purple striped shirt, I pushed my boundaries further with the cargos and green trouser combination. Seeing the new piece successfully styled with my fail-safe, everyday favourites, gave me the confidence to push the boundaries even more.

Styling a unique-to-you item with your old favourites will help you comfortably push your fashion boundaries and assess whether the item is for you or one to be admired from afar.

The way we dress profoundly affects our confidence. You deserve to look and feel fantastic. Whether you’re trying to take your style to the next level; feel like you’ve lost your mojo or simply want to express yourself in a different way, we'll work closely with you to curate a wardrobe that unlocks your ideal style.

Through our Personal Styling Services, we help you take the guesswork and hassle out of dressing, and make sure you only buy clothes that you’ll actually wear.

Email [email protected] to chat about your style goals and how we can help.



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How to Fail “is a podcast that celebrates the things that haven’t gone right. Because learning how to fail in life, teaches us how to succeed better.” We quoted that intro straight out of the memory bank.

Miriam Margolyes provides hilarious, inspiring and refreshing insight into life and her failures in this episode. We love Miriam’s unashamed love for herself and her life. It’s a rare gift to meet people who are joyously themselves. We find it allows you to be yourself too. We hope you enjoy this episode. We think Miriam is a legend.

#3 WE’RE WATCHING - Bad Sisters on Apple TV+

Apple TV+ describes this as a “delicious blend of dark comedy and thriller” and, honestly, we couldn’t have said it better. Bad Sisters is one of the best shows we’ve watched this year.

The Garvy sisters have a tight bond, bound together by the loss of their parents at a young age. They have sworn to protect each other no matter what. But how far is too far? What lengths would you go to to protect your sister?

Clever, witty, Irish humour and brilliant acting with many twists and turns, Bad Sisters is a must watch.

There is nothing worse than feeling flustered and overwhelmed when you are trying to get dressed for an occasion.

You shouldn’t be dreading spending quality time with friends and family, or celebrating the year’s achievements with colleagues because you can’t find an outfit that makes you feel like your best dressed you.

With our Occasion Styling service, we will help you create the perfect looks for your EOY functions be it awards ceremonies, Friendsmas’, Christmas lunches or even Weddings (guests or brides).

Whether you want to style dresses or suits you already own or shop for something special, we can help you dress the way you want to feel.

A curated edit of items you asked for!

These catalogues are shoppable and, where possible, we source from local, Australian brands with ethical practices. This does have an effect on price point. Our intention at Aura is always to encourage you to buy less, buy better and wear what you already own, whilst appreciating that many of you are still building hardworking wardrobes which require you to fill some gaps.

This week’s edit includes jeans, everyday handbags and denim vests.

We’ll keep adding to these edits and sharing updates with you as and when they come.

Let us know if there’s anything you’re on the hunt for.


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