Weekly Newsletter #13: Are Your Pants the Correct Rise?

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Hello October!

Where has 2023 gone? I feel the older I get, the quicker the years seem to pass.

With silly season about to kick-off, how are you feeling about your personal style?

Are you excited to dust off your sparkly heels and pull out your trusty LBD or looking to inject a little more colour into your festive season looks?

I always find the last quarter of the year a great time to reflect, celebrate the year that was and get ready for the year to come, whilst planning some fun looks for the celebratory season ahead.

October is the perfect month to reflect on your occasion style. The events haven’t started yet, but the invitations for November and December lunches, dinners and parties are slowly rolling in.

This gives you time to plan your outfits, get some wear out of your party dresses that have been gathering dust or invest in a new one if you feel your style has evolved since last festive season.

I find it to be SUCH a fun fashion time, because I get the opportunity to play dress up.

I know this isn’t the case for everyone. The struggle to get dressed for events can cause stress and overwhelm, which is why we’re spotlighting our Occassion Styling services this week.

Hit reply and let me know the events you’ll be attending so that I can provide you with inspiration! x

Style Principle #12: The Correct Rise

The length of your torso will dictate the rise of your jeans, trousers or jumpsuits (if you are so inclined).

The right rise will compliment your body, accentuating your waist and elongating the legs. For those of you who are blessed with a bust, the right rise will avoid you feeling like you’ve popped your “boobs on a shelf”.

A rise is the distance from the middle of the crotch seam to the top of the waistband. Rises that are designed to suit your natural waist and range from 20cm to 32cm for your mid to higher rises.

A low rise jean or trouser is designed to sit on the hips, not the waist, and will naturally have a much shorter rise of 8cm - 12cm.

[Authors note: I am secretly shuddering that this rise has returned. Absolutely no judgment if you are thrilled that low rise has come back.]

For shorter torsos, a mid-rise between 22cm - 27cm will work best. A mid-rise will create space between your bust and your hips, and should still give you a high waisted look without swallowing your waist. Avoid paper bag waists as they will use up valuable real-estate.

Long torsos should opt for higher rises between 28cm - 32cm.

For balanced torsos, your height will play a part in the best rise for you.

Petites or shorties with a balanced torso should opt for a higher rise as it lengthens the legs, giving you the illusion of height.

If you are tall, focus on leg length and a rise between 27cm - 29cm.

Your trousers and jeans should sit on your natural waist. Your natural waist is where the point of your elbow starts when you bend the lower half of your arm (elbow to wrist) upwards.

Your pants are the correct rise if the waist band aligns with your elbow.

Want guidance on how to determine the best pieces for your body and style? We’re here to help you dress the way you want to feel.

If you have been a subscriber since we launched our newsy, your welcome voucher is still valid on any of our Personal Styling Services. 

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There is nothing worse than feeling flustered and overwhelmed when you are trying to get dressed for an occasion.

You shouldn’t be dreading spending quality time with friends and family, or celebrating the year’s achievement with colleagues because you can’t find an outfit that makes you feel like your best dressed you.

With our Occasion Styling service, we will help you create the perfect looks for your EOY functions be it awards ceremonies, Friendsmas’, Christmas lunches or even Weddings (guests or brides).

Whether you want to style dresses or suits you already own or shop for something special, we can help you feel like your best dressed self.

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