Weekly Newsletter #11: Your Unconscious Biases are Holding You Back

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It’s the Weekend!

This week I put last week’s Style Principle to the test and got dressed everyday to highlight the power of style.

The twist was that I had to get ready in 15 minutes.

This challenge was a blessing and a curse.

A blessing because I woke up feeling tired more often than not this week and each time I whipped up an outfit in 15 minutes, I got a pep in my step. I love that I have curated a wardrobe that reflects my personal style and is filled with pieces I love.

A curse because my husband has been following along and he knows that I can easily get ready in 15 minutes. Now, I have no excuse for my dawdling.

I hope you have some delicious and leisurely weekend plans ahead.

As always, thank you for being here! It means the world x

Style Principle #11: Unconscious Bias

An unconscious bias is a rule or restriction we place on ourselves that impacts how we dress and what we buy.

These restrictions are generally learnt from our parents, authority figures, siblings or the media.

A bias is revealed through your self talk or some of the knee jerk reactions you have when you are trying something new.

Biases show up in price, hemlines, labels, certain pieces that you are (or are not) willing to try and even, colour combinations (Anyone else grow up adhering to the rule “blue and green shall never be seen“ or that black and brown don’t “go“?).

Price and what you are willing to spend on an item is quite a common restriction.

Putting the obvious budgetary constraints aside (we should always shop within our means), if you grew up in a household where your parents believed that fashion was frivolous, then you may be unconsciously restricting the amount you are willing to spend on a piece.

Instead of investing in your wardrobe by purchasing pieces of good quality that will last because you value fashion and the power of style, you restrict your spending to an amount your parents would approved of. In doing so, you end up with a wardrobe that doesn’t reflect your appreciation for your clothes.

Label or style bias is another common restriction.

You may think “I could never wear wide leg jeans” or “… shop from that store.

It’s important to unpack these limitations and assess where they came from and whether they are a fair assessment of where you are currently at.

More often than not, a client who has said to us “wide leg pants don’t suit me” or “nothing but skinny jeans work for me” are pleasantly surprised that wide leg pants or straight leg jeans can work for them. All they needed was an open mind and guidance on how to select the right item for their body (e.g. looking for the correct rise for their torso).

Be aware of confirmation bias when you are trying to explore new pieces or brands.

Our brain will look for reasons, excuses and validation to prove our biases right. If you select a pair of straight leg jeans to try on and think “these will never suit me”, that is likely to be your immediate thought when you try them on.

Breaking down these biases is an important part of your personal style journey as they may be what is holding you back from expressing your individuality and dressing the way you want to feel.

Give yourself permission to buy, try and wear the things you want to wear.

If you feel like you need to break your fashion biases, our Spring Time Style special is the perfect way to bring your style goals to life. You deserve to be able to get dresses with ease and confidence.

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How to Break Up with Fast Fasion is a “guilt-free guide to changing the way you shop”.

The perfect introductory book if you’re looking to change your buying habits and be a little more “sustainable” when it comes to clothes.

Bravo provides step-by-step pointers for making long-term, positive changes to your fashion choices.

A short, punchy read, we loved this book for its easy-to-implement tips.

But Are you Happy? is a Mamamia podcast series, hosted by Clare Stephens, that explores “the universal vulnerabilities that we share as human beings”. Clare asks high profile Australians the questions you aren’t supposed to ask.

In this episode, Clare interviews Flex Mami, a business woman and creative force, about “Big Enjoyment, Big Suffering and Big Money.” We particularly enjoyed the discussion around money and Flex’s views on life and business.

Streaming now on Netflix

#3 WE’RE WATCHING - Love at First Sight

A silly little Rom-Com that warmed our hearts.

Love at First Site is cute, fun and heartwarming.

We even shed a tear.

Whilst the plot is the same as every rom-com, the characters and their families are modern, fresh and funny. You just can’t beat that British humour.

Curl up on the couch with a warm bowl of popcorn and a comforting glass of red and follow the love story of Oliver and Hadley.

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