Weekly Newsletter #12: Ask the Right Questions

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Hey Stylish Ones!

I had such a fun Mix and Match session with a Spring Time Style client this week.

Jackie has been on her personal style journey for a couple of years. She had a clear style uniform (gorgeous!) and knew many of the styling tweaks to apply to make her outfits sing.

She jumped on our Spring Special with three goals in mind: to curb her shopping, get more wear out of the gorgeous clothes she has in her wardrobe, and create some new looks that pushed her style boundaries and allowed her to be more experimental. A brief I couldn’t wait to execute on.

We styled over 20 looks in our two hours together. Receiving Jackie’s happy feedback and welcoming her as a membership client made my week.

It’s a long weekend in Sydney and we are heading down South on a little adventure to enjoy the sunshine, play board games and spend plenty of time by the ocean.

I can’t wait!

Have a wonderful weekend all! x

Style Principle #12: Ask the right questions

Asking the right questions may seem like a strange style principle to throw your way.

Stick with us!

There are different stages to your style journey. You learn the body shape rules that apply to you, your colours, tiny tweaks to use when styling your looks and what necklines and styles work best for you.

From there you may progress to determining your style uniform and getting clear on items that you know fit your personal style and those you will admire from afar.

Once you have gained your fashion confidence, you start breaking rules and trying unique combinations.

You may be at the start of your style journey or wanting to break your rules and push your boundaries because you’ve gained your style confidence (There is no “end” to style. It is constantly evolving).

What’s important to note, no matter what stage you are at, is that you are going to start wearing combinations (or outfits) that are different to what people you know and love may have seen you in.

More often than not, people like to keep us in the boxes they’ve put us in.

You can’t let that stop you from playing with your style, expressing your individuality and dressing the way you want to feel. In fact, following these three principles often inspires (and allows) others to do the same.

Vastly different styles. Each works for the wearer.

If you are experimenting in your style or trying new combinations, be picky about who you ask opinions from, and, if you are asking questions, be very specific (also, judge criticism from whence it comes).

Style is personal. If you ask a friend whose style you admire, but is very different from yours, their opinion of an outfit, they may say it doesn’t work. This is because it doesn’t suit their tastes. It doesn’t mean its not a fabulous look.

Instead of asking, “does this look nice?”. Be clear on what you want an opinion on. For example, “does this leg length seem right?” or “do these colours compliment each other?”.

Getting specific about what you want an opinion on means you will receive a targeted answer, rather than an opinion on an outfit that you like which may not be to everyone’s taste.

You can feel vulnerable when you are exploring your style. If you don’t want to hear a negative opinion on your outfit, don’t ask the question.

Wear it based on your feelings, which may be joyful, playful, stylish, trendy or creative.

Give yourself the permission to explore your style. You can laugh it off if an outfit doesn’t work and try again next time with a few tweaks. We learn and grow from fashion fails.

Eventually you’ll be confident to ask an opinion and if people don’t like it, you’ll think “f*** it. I love this and feel amazing.”

Our Spring Time Style special is the perfect way to explore your style. You deserve to be able to get dressed with ease and confidence and feel like your best dressed self.

You have two more days to jump on the offer.

Book a free 15 minute call here and we can have a chat or send an email to [email protected] and book your sessions!



#1 WE’RE READING - Books + Bits a newsletter by Pandora Sykes

We are big fans of Pandora Sykes and anything she writes, produces, or wears. The co-host of the best podcast of all time, The High Low (now no-longer but you can still listen to old eps wherever you listen to your podcasts), Pandora’s Substack, Books + Bits, is a fortnightly newsletter sharing her thoughts on culture and recommendations on books and “bits” which include fashion and decor finds. This week’s letter included an interesting interview with a ghost writer who shared her thoughts on the Milly Bobbi Brown “scandal”.

#1 WE’RE LISTENING TO - Sentimental in the City with Caroline O’Donoghue and Dolly Alderton

A fun deep dive into Sex and the City series exploring the character arcs and themes of all 6 seasons.

Caroline and Dolly have a fabulous chemistry and passion which oozes through each episode.

#3 WE’RE WATCHING - Painkiller on Netflix

A fictionalised retelling of the damage and destruction wreaked by Purdue Pharma and it’s highlight addictive drug, OxyContin. Each episode is introduced by a real-life victim of the opioid crisis.

Whilst most reviewers preferred the docu-series Dopesick over this re-telling, our attention has been stolen by Painkiller this week and we flew through the series (two episodes to go).

Jackie recently completed her Spring Time Style sessions.

We put together some of our all time favourite looks from client wardrobe session, working with clothes she already owned.

With a clear style uniform in mind, the goal of our session was to put up some guard rails within which Jackie could explore her style on those days when she was feeling adventurous (and has time to play).

We are so excited to explore new looks and see how Jackie’s style evolves in the future.

Twoobs is an Australian footwear brand trying to do better and be kinder to the planet and the people who make the clothes and shoes we wear.

A couple of my friends strut around in their Twoobs and absolutely adore them for their comfort and versatility. Going for a walk? Twoobs. Going for lunch? Twoobs. Exploring a new city? Twoobs.

For awhile I didn’t actually see either of them wear any other shoes. In a world awash with shoe options, that’s saying something.

Owned and operated by two sisters, Jess and Stef Dadon, we like the uniqueness of the Twoobs designs and their collaboration with Aboriginal artists, which always sells out in a flash.

Seen on many a celeb - Margot Robbie, Abbie Chapman and, recently, on the RED carpet (no lies) - we have our eye on the The OG+. 


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